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Sylvia grew up in the Motor City - Detroit, Michigan - during the Motown era. Today she calls Kansas her home; a home she shares with her husband, Oliver, kitties, Sprite and Cloud, and her daughter, Zoe, when she is not away at college. There is no lack of talent around her house as she and her hubby work drawing and writing for Hallmark. She was his inspiration for his The Ruffle Lady in the bathing suit – her hubby loves to do “not always flattering” cartoons of her and their friends – what a joker. Maybe you can find “her” on his website:

She has a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. And, although she has always been interested in fashion and fashion design, the money just wasn’t available for her to go to New York, so she decided to study graphic design and photography there.

Sylvia has always loved dolls and fashion, too, and originally did hand sewing for her dolls. But her German aunt, who was a professional tailor, taught her how to sew when she was 16. She’s been sewing from then on – even a lot of her own clothes. Aunt Lillian always said, “Remember, don't sew with the idea of saving money. Sew for perfect fit.”
When Sylvia’s Aunt thought she was ready, she got to buy a pattern, and she chose a three piece suit by YSL because she didn’t know not to. Initially her Aunt’s eyebrows shot up, but then she said, “Not the easiest choice, but when you get stuck, don't think of it as too hard or too complicated. Just think of it as having a few more steps.” She would also say of the sewer’s common practice of building stashes, “If you never use it, it wasn't a bargain." "Yikes," says Sylvia, “If you saw my sewing room you'd know that comment never quite sunk in.”

Her sister, Phyllis and she both enjoy doll designing. In fact, they have plans to feature her designs and her sister’s fabulous miniature knits on a soon to be published website at:

It may be awhile, though, because she is just learning how to build a site.

A lot of things have been going on with Sylvia’s family right now, so she needed a diversion, and thought this competition would provide one – and it did. She has also found that it has made her”kick myself into gear to get motivated to draw and design again.”

She thinks she’ll do okay in this competition although she knows there are designers in this competition that can sew rings around her, and hopes they get the kudos they deserve for that. Getting better with each challenge is another of her goals.


“I’m an Iowa farm girl at heart now living across the border near Welcome, Minnesota on Fox Lake,” says Joan. But for 28 years she and her husband, Harlan, worked together full-time in their business, Fairmont Decorating She has two grown daughters and a son, and her fur-babies include Bandit, a pound kitty from San Francisco, and Wesley who was abandoned in her yard when just a tiny kitten.

Many a Barbie suffered a stab wound during her initial drape and stitch method. But at the age of 10, she started sewing with 4H – finally some much needed training. And by high school she was sewing clothing for both herself and family members. She started at ISU in Textiles & Clothing and then switched to an Interior Design/Drapery Specialist program. All totaled, she has constructed custom window treatments for 33 years while working as a designer in her own business. Every holiday meant new outfits for her kids, lovingly sewn into the night after working 60 hour work weeks.

She doesn't have a website, but shows her work online using:

Severe osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia forced her to close their business last fall. Now she continues to work part-time as an interior designer but also has time for her real love - sewing miniature doll costumes. Her intent was to make custom fabric dolls, but she wandered onto a doll website showing a Gene doll just over a year ago, and was hooked.

Since then, she has recreated a number of miniature wedding gowns, military uniforms, and many other one of a kind doll costumes. Recently she started sewing for Kurt Van Buskirk; a process that involved him sending a sketch and a box of fabric with the expectation she will be able to construct 4 outfits to his specifications. “What great practice for this competition.”

She entered this competition because she really wanted to be pushed into creating doll fashions. Previously she has never created he own designs, only copied pictures of ‘human’ scale clothing. Shewas a huge fan of the Project Dollway competition last year, and was amazed what the competitors were capable of, but was not aware of the at home competition until it was over. Therefore she is thrilled to have found out about this competition because she wanted to try competing with the ‘big dogs’ of dolly world.

Fascinated by the various character dolls available, she loves Lara Croft and Vasilisa as much for their stories as for their exotic looks. Working every day, creating clothing for fashion dolls is something she loves. And she never thinks of what we create as doll clothing.; rather she prefers to think of these outfits as clothing design in miniature. She is well aware many of the other competitors are true artists, but she feels that the truly awesome thing about the doll world is the friendships we share. “I spend far more time online with many of you than I do with my “real” world friends. Having to work at home has been a joy surrounded by my doll family, both miniature and online”.

Sharon lives in a small farming town about 30 miles from Lake Michigan; quite a major change from the big city, Grand Rapids, she had lived in for thirty years, but she’s never regretted it.
She is a librarian, and her husband is a musician, and they have three grown children, one grandson, and another grandbaby due in the Spring. Rounding our their cast is their little old rat terrier, a young corgi-bulldog mix, a lovely little Siamese kitty, a bunny and two geese – something they couldn’t have if they hadn’t moved to the country.

Self-taught in sewing and design, she has been sewing since she was a little girl, and gained her education by reading and paying attention. Being a librarian has provided many resources. She spent some years doing costuming for local theaters in Grand Rapids, which has very good community theaters; among the best in the country. She learned some nifty little theater tricks too, like how to get someone from a farm outfit into a full tuxedo in 60 seconds. Sewing for the opera was great, too, because she got to work on garments she would never have even seen in real life. She also did modern dress shows which are not as easy as you might think because everyone thinks they are experts. She has always been in tune with what people wear, and feels she mostly got it right.

She has also messed with various fiber arts; made and sold baskets at art shows for three years; was doing felting when no one even knew what it was; and knits, but she says she does it very badly. But she managed to make 13 sweaters when her son was doing theater because he was young enough to need a chaperone. She also spins, which she finds a lovely and relaxing thing to do. She feels “… these experiences made me more adventurous with my personal sewing.”

Fashion is a spectator sport for her nowadays, and she no longer sews many clothes for herself anymore, but has made many outfits for her children. They always had the idea that they could be whatever they wanted for Halloween, and they were right. Her grandson was a chef last Halloween, and she is already looking forward to next year's outfit, whatever that may be.

Her journey to this competition came five years ago when she reconnected with Sasha dolls and one thing led to another. She has made and sold Sasha clothes but is not doing anything right now, and does not have a website, but would like one. Along with her Sasha's she has Sylvia Natterer dolls, some Kish dolls, some misc. kinds, and Ellowyne. She hasn’t decided if she will collect any more, although she freely admits she would not turn down another Sasha if one came her way…or a Natterer for that matter…and she thinks she probably needs a Pru…and more shelves.

“The competition is kind of a whack on the side of the head for me. I needed to get sewing again - I spent all summer working in my garden and, of course, I can't do that in Michigan in the Winter, so how fortunate that this competition came along just as I needed a new direction. I need a little prodding to finish things (does that sound at all familiar?)” She also feels she was getting stale with all those little girl doll dresses. She thought she was way more creative when she was younger, and was happy to find that she can still do it. One comment she got was that her collection was "quirky," and that made her so happy because that is what she wants it to be. She likes to look at things from a different angles, and this competition is providing her that opportunity. She also wondered if she was totally derivative or had her own voice. We shall see.

Judging from her first two scores, she feels she is not in danger of winning, so she can relax and enjoy herself. “I'm pretty competitive but also realistic. I think all my theater work taught me that.

Sometimes you just fill a niche -there are way better designers than I in this contest but I will be happy to hold my own.” She is just pleased to be connecting with other people who design and sew. Project Runway was such a boost for people who do this kind of thing, she thinks - anyone who does this knows what a joy it is to find someone to talk to about it. People who don't sew are all 'Oh wow, you MADE that?' which is nice, but designers also like to get some real conversation going. Her work as a library director is creative in a different way; she is usually doing about 15 things at any given moment. To go into her sewing room and be in her own little world is wonderful; then to come out and show her stuff to all the experts in this group, well, that is fabulous.

"The only reason I'm in fashion is to destroy the word conformity." -Vivienne Westwood

We wouldn’t usually use the word conformity – doing and thinking as others – as a trait describing fashion designers, and there is no reason to believe this word has anything to do with doll fashion designers, either. No wonder we are so delighted when the designs are released every two weeks. What a pleasure to see such originality!

But what is our personal view of conformity; specifically how do we look at what is acceptable?

Shall we test it? Let's see if we feel the same about some of the choices a famous fashion magazine made for their list of the best and worst in fashion for 2008. Below are 15 looks. Look over each picture, jot down whether you think each item was judged as the best or the worst, and then check back next blog to view the answers!

Breaking NEWS!!

....On Project Dollway at Home:

News bulletin!!!

December 8, 2008 - Doll Reader Magazine is officially welcomed as our sponsor...

...representing them is editor, Jill Jackson!!

Details to follow.

...In fashion -Right after Michelle Obama left the podium after her husband's acceptance speech, fashion designers all over the world grabbed their sketchpads! They've all been on a mad dash to be the designer for the coveted Inaugural Ball Gown for the new First Lady ever since. Designers in the running include: Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, and our own fashion doll designeer - Jason Wu - just to names a few! It will be interesting to see who wins this coveted assignment.

In the meantime, former Project Runway designers recently stepped up to the plate for a "Design an inauguration gown for the First Lady" challenge issued by The Daily Beast...with a twist, of course! They could only use an American flag, burlap potato sacks, ten dollars worth of trims, and Laura Bush's 2005 Inaugural Ball dress as inspiration. Here are a few of the sketches submitted. All I can say is, where is Christian??

Get the entire scoop here:


And..............on the heels of our #4 Layered Challenge, Gabby has announced our next one will be the #5 Zodiac Challenge. Here are some comments she has given to help us better understand:

"You truly do not have to chose your own birthdate... And really, it's not about the birthstone, either... It's what the Zodiac sign is all about... Cancer's color is really green... yet the birthstone is ruby... Do you see what I mean? ... You have to research the sign... Get the mood ... the personality... Basically, you are following your own colors... and labeling a sign to your doll... giving her a personality...Find the sign that fits your collection!!!

And I don't want to see symbols... stars, moons... no zodiac heavenly signs... You are to create a garment that depicts the sign of choice... Libras are very feminine... the girlie girl...
Aries are more like tomboys... bold... "

and she made reference to this webpage:

Sun Sign Characteristics

So, onward and upward, and good luck to everyone!

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...and there was a tie this time - the winners are:



When Gabby gave the news, they had this to say:

Dal: WHAT THE....?????
I'm INCREDULOUS. I was thinking maybe this next rocks! LOLOLOLOL

I can't stop smiling...... and ducking!!!!!! hehehehhehehehehe

Thanks for LMK.

Durelle: I am so thrilled..just got the mail with the announcement. I have been baby sitting my grand baby all day, which took the top spot in my day today. She just left...I am so glad to have gotten some good marks on this challenge, It is nice to know the judges "GET" me and recognize the originality and quality of my work. Thank you once again for hosting this fun and motivating project, Giving us a deadline and challenge to work against!!

Winning Points: 58.5 for each one!
(Numbers from left to right represent Theme, Originality, Execution, and Total).

Dal's collection: My entry is a double dolman outfit featuring a one-piece catsuit made in a bold print silk knit in orange, yellow, turquoise and black, cinched at the waist to emphasize the dolman shaped sleeves that begin at the waist and taper to a narrow cuff. The dolman sleeved orange felt jacket allows the catsuit's dolman sleeves to fit with ease. Pleats are incorporated on the back, trimmed in white with oversized black geometric buttons on both front, back and belt. The belt and trim are the same white textured vinyl used in the pants of the previous pleats design as is the brim of the helmet shaped cap. The purse is designed to look like Macramé from the Mod era and added as trim to the slightly tapered bells to complete the play on textures and colors with a splash of black & white.
Judge 1
5,5, 5 I freakin' love this. It's SO groovy! Not only have you captured this week's theme, but you're keeping with previous words, therefor creating a collection that is TOP NOTCH in my book. The colors rock, the pleating is amazing and the DOLMAN IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! GREAT JOB!
Judge 2
5,4,5 I don't know how you got so much detail in something so small. The coat has a lot going on and still it flows together. Nice use of bold colors. It looks very well put together.
Judge 3
5,4,5 Excellent fit on the jumpsuit and the jacket, colors are well coordinated. The pleats in the jacket back bring a lot to that piece.
Judge 4
5,5,5 This style is perfect for this little doll of the 60's and 70's. Great originality, and all your colors complement each other. Wonderful use of pleats, contrast, mod print, and cotton lace. Very nicely done. I don't see anything not to like about this little outfit!
Extra 1/2 point

Durelle's collection: Brown Eisenhower style bomber jacket with dolman sleeves made with 100% real leather. Faux lamb’s wool collar and patch pockets - Man’s shirt style blouse in rust 100% silk taffeta-High waisted Jodhpur pants made with lime green 100% linen, Cargo style pleated pockets 3 leather belts matching the jacket Leather appliquéd patches -Accessories include - hand made Long narrow striped scarf in silk Leather tote bag with lamb’s wool lining Leather aviators hat And the boots are accented with lamb’s wool cuff
Judge 1
5,4,5 Ok, FINALLY! This is gorgeous! The pants are perfection and the bag is SO SO cute. For the first time I'm not seeing Steampunk a cohesive outfit that is done extremely well. I truly adore this look! The pants make it! I would love to see a layered top with these pants somewhere in your collection b/c I think it would take it to a really feminine place.
Judge 2
5,5,5 WOW Lots of detail yet not over powering. Seams match up, It all looks pressed. The stitching is very nice.
Judge 3
4,5,5 The detailed leather pieces help coordinate this well made outfit. The scarf pulls together the colors of the blouse and jodhpurs.
Judge 4
5,5,5 What can I say but that this is a perfect style for the challenge. Who else would have thought to put cargo style pockets onto a pair of Jodhpur pants? Everything about this design from the outfit to the head piece to the bag to the details and the fabric you used is just right! Excellent job!
Extra 1/2 point

Also, here is the Point System the judges used for this competition:Points go from 5 - 1, with five being the best , in these three categories:
1) Designer's interpretation of the theme, Vintage. How successful were they?
2) Originality (the style)... Is it different or does it look like something you have seen before in fashion... accessories... color.
3) Execution: How well is the garment made? Does it look finished? Are there clean edges? Ironed? The full presentation.The most a designer can acquire from the judges is 15 points, but some people also received the extra 1/2 point awarded to those who sent their garments in before the end of the tenth day of the challenge.

Here is how the judges critiqued the rest of us, and our points. Also, the artist's original notes are included - can you see their vision? (Numbers from left to right represent Theme, Originality, Execution, and Total).

Entry #1 - Joan
Joan's collection: “Dolman” presented an interesting challenge to me. I’ve recently been researching 19th Century Prussian uniforms for my son, a disabled Afghan vet, now working for the Veteran’s Administration as a Family Counselor. He had asked me to chronicle the military veterans in our family. I found my g. g. grandfather was in the Prussian Army in the early 1800's and the uniform worn by the Hussar’s (light cavalry) was called a “Dolman”. Described as a heavily braided, square bottomed, close fitting short coat with a pelisse (over jacket) draped over the left shoulder. The U.S. Cavalry was founded during the Revolutionary War by a Hussar and they switched from a pelisse to a cape draped back over the left shoulder.
Judge 1
3,4,4 I think this is an excellent outfit. I love the colors and the lining is great. This is a wonderful display of Dolman! The buttons could stand to be a bit more even, next time just check your balance and you'll have a winning design.
Judge 2
4,5,4 I like the outfit. It looks nice, it has all of the elements of a "dolman". The colors go well together and the style and color suits the model. The overall construction is very nice.
Judge 3
5,5,5 Excellent attention to details, good color combination. The cape really adds to the outfit.
Judge 4
5,5,3 I like how you combined the two main descriptions of "Dolman"
with the uniform effect as well as the sleeve effect. The cape is an
added bonus. Great interpretation of the challenge, and the hat is
great, though maybe a tad too large. The dress darts and side seams
appear to be a little off center on your model, but otherwise nicely
done. I see a small gap on the jacket at the center opening just under
the bust. I would like to see this meet a little better. Overall, very
nicely done!
Extra 1/2 point
Total points: 52.5

Entry #2-Sue
Sue's collection:
Dolman sleeves have been well documented in fashion history going back centuries. My personal recollection is from the 1980s when I had several lovely sweaters [we call them jumpers] with dolman sleeves. I also had a couple of dresses in jersey. My experience wearing knits was my springboard. Looking through my art deco source book I saw dolman sleeves on sweaters, loungesuits and evening jackets. My daughter is currently in Italy interning in the design office of a knit factory. A recent trip there [as this challenge was announced] inspired the use of knit fabric. I felt it would hold the dolman shape well when worn by Sydney. The factory only sells wool but they had a box of discarded samples where I picked up [for free] the grey cashmere/lambswool knit fabric used on this outfit. In order to keep the continuity with outfits 1 and 2, I decided to do a jumpsuit with cream silk camisole underneath for modesty. The grey knitted fabric for the jumpsuit sewed very well and the whole outfit has only one fastening at the back as the fabric stretches so well. The dolman sleeves cut easily and were ¾ lengthfor style and ease – the seam starts at the waist and ends at mid lower arm.The top is 2 pieces – left and right and the trouser part is 2 pieces left and right. Top and bottom are sewn together with belt to break up the plainness although a self belt would look good too. It’s a very lean outfit. I wanted to emphasize the art deco theme, so added a belt with embroidery inspired by Egyptian murals. After the discovery of Tutankhamun’s lavish tomb in 1922, designers delighted to copy Egyptian elements into their work. The design on the belt is of the lotus flower embroidered in 3 shades of lilac flanked on either side by fans in grey to coordinate with the jumpsuit and purple to add further colour. The centre of each fan is a swarowski crystal in amethyst. Across the back I embroidered 2 fans in a pink and grey thread joined with a chain stitch line. This was to detract from the bulky fastening and draw the eye into the centre of the back. As in Challenge 2, I made up a hat but this time a plainer style for everyday wear. I handknitted the band in order to give a bulkier look to the band and covered in the grey knit fabric. I covered the join with a loop made from the grey fabric. I made a small clutch bag from snakeskin effect vinyl – I added part of an old earring as a charm/fastening. The OutfitGrey knitted jumpsuitCream silk camisoleGrey knitted hairbandCream belt with embroidered design.Bag in grey snakeskin with charm fastening ShoesPurple and grey snakeskin shoe boots. This doll stands alone without a stand so long as the surface is flat.
Judge 1
4,5,3 I really like how you've consistently kept your line on point. This outfit is very well styled and your overall execution is lovely. My only concern is the bunching on the back of the shirt it seems too big for the doll. However, I really enjoy what you've done and think this is your best to date.
Judge 2
3,4,4 another nice piece for this go round. I thought the belt was a little too bulky for the sleekness of the rest of the piece, but it was a nice belt. Nice color combination. Nice embroidery work in the belt.
Judge 3
3,4,4 Good fit on the outfit. Although the embroidered belt is well done, it is too bulky for this outfit and a narrower belt would serve the purpose better.
Judge 4
5,4,3 I think this is a great style for Sydney, simple but classy. Not overdone. Good example of a Dolman sleeve. I don't see this design as being very original. I love the embroidery and the colors you used. The belt would have had a neater finish to it if you had used a light weight taffeta or similar weight fabric to line it and it wouldn't have looked so thick. The back looks bulky. Moving the snap down about halfway between where it is and the waist line should prevent this. Your attempt to cover up the back seam on the hat fell a little short, but was a good idea.
Extra 1/2 point
Total points: 46.5

Entry # 3-Dot
Dot's collection: Challenge 3 required including a dolman sleeve, and I have included a back shot to clearly demonstrate such a sleeve exists in my entry. My client thought perhaps a sporty ensemble would be appropriate so we settled on this outfit titled Jardin; jardin means garden in French. You see, she thought she'd like to be portrayed as a garden girly girl this time; she's just not the type that would have big ol' plants in the backyard to cultivate. Rather, she wanted to look cute, and maybe grow a few herbs on the terrace! She wanted pants, of course, but desired them made from dupioni cream silk in a jean-like style, featuring little pockets and top-stitching. The cumberbund-style belt has appliques of flowers on the sides and front, and little ribbons ties. This was done to make her outfit look cute both coming and going. The blouse is done in a rayon batik of purples and pinks, and has beaded cuffs. The pattern on the front of the blouse was made of deconstructed lace. The original lace for this collection has been taken apart, pieced onto the bodice, and beaded to resemble flowers appropriate to her theme. The final piece in this outfit is her little dupioni silk bucket which is not intended to be a purse. Rather, it was made with embellished flowers front and back, to look nice, hold her tiny tools from the outer chains, and to provide a place for pastries to be enjoyed when the gardening was done.
Judge 1
2,4,3 I have been a fan of your collection from day one, but this isn't my favorite. I think it's a little overdone and the dolman sleeves could have been more enhanced. Again, your colors are superb and I like the design, the execution lost me a little with the applique.
Judge 2
4,4,4 Cute!, Nice flowery color palette. Nice use of lace. good color combination. Looks like your client is happy. Nice detail work.
Judge 3
3,4,4 The beads are a nice addition to the bodice, however they take away from the lacework. They also make the sleeves look heavy, and a narrower band of beads would take away the heaviness. The colors looks well together, and the beaded belt is a nice accent piece.
Judge 4
5,3,3 I like what you did with the "deconstructed" lace. It adds interest to what otherwise might have been a pretty plain blouse. I like that you used the unique lace on the blouse but I don't see the pants and short sleeved blouse as very original. However, the belt gave it a nice finish. The appliqués on the belt are nice but don't seem to match the rest of the design. Your lines in the back could be lined up better, but you don't need the ribbon on the blouse. It's fine without it. Your lining shouldn't show anywhere. Overall, the outfit is nice and fits your doll nicely.
Extra 1/2 point
Total points: 43.5

Entry # 4-Durelle - WINNER!

Entry #5-Cat
Cat's collection: Dolman always makes me think loose and comfy clothes made for a fall afternoon. Which caused me to go for a simple easy to wear design. The fabric is a stretchy jean(but lighter weight) like fabric in mauve and gray. It did not have a name on the bolt so all I can do is describe it. I loved the color! I freehand cut the pieces as always and then fitted it as I went to get just the right fit! The purse,belt and shoes are handmade from leather and the peke has a coat to match as well. All of the jewelry is hand made on gold tone wire with crystals and seed beads. Aldonza and Shadow are ready for a fall day in the park.
Judge 1
2,2,2 The dolman sleeve you capture, but there is just too much purple going on. If you use a different coordinating fabric it would take this to another level. It's a bit dated b/c of this fabric choice, but I know you could fix it b/c the style is good. If the shirt was a little longer and maybe a black pant this would be divine!
Judge 2
4,4,4 Very cute collar. Very nice fitting pants. Love the necklace. I don;t know how you made the cowl collar lay down, the fabric looks a little stiff or bulky over the shoulders. Purse and belt are nicely constructed.
Judge 3
4,4,4 The top looks like a loose yet comfortable fit. The pants seem too tight and it looks as if the seams are pulling, but that may be the nature of this fabric?
Judge 4
3,3,4 The basic idea of this outfit is good. I like the premise of "loose and comfy" clothes. The blouse fits your description, but the pants don't. They should be looser fitting. I don't see much originality in the design, but the collar adds a little bit of personality to it. Gene looks a little off-balance and the top looks too big for her. The collar needs a neater finish in back. Maybe next time, you can find earrings, a necklace, and a buckle of the same style for your outfit. I still see lots of potential here, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the next challenge.
Extra 1/2 point
Total points: 40.5

Entry #6-Dal - WINNER!

Entry #7-Larraine
Larraine's collection: Dolman proved to be quite a learning experience for me. I have never owned or made a Dolman sleeved garment before, so I had no prior experience to base my ideas on. Keeping with my bold colours and patterns I introduced a new colour in this dress and gave it some bold stripes. That little peace sign just crept right back into the beltlace worn with this dress.
Judge 1
5,5,5 Overall adorable. New colors mix well with old but you're creating a bold look here. The dolman is simply marvelous. For someone not knowing Dolman, you perfected it. Unbelievable details! Another great one from you!
Judge 2
This piece looks nice , in scale, and neat. Love the use of strips and the matching up of the stripes. Love the scale of the accessories. finishing techniques look nice and smooth. Details are nice.
Judge 3
3,3,5 The garment is well made, stripes match perfectly, easy to see the dolman sleeves. The size of the handbag is distracting but a good color match.
Judge 4
5,4,5 This dress definitely meets the challenge of Dolman sleeves. Ellowyne wears her dresses a little shorter than I like, but this dress fits her nicely. The dress is not really original, but your use of the stripes and trim made it your own. There isn't much detail in the outfit...It is what it is...You have catalogued the opening of the dress magnificently. I can't even tell where it is. Nice job!
Extra 1/2 point
Total points: 54.5

Entry #8-Aly
Aly's collection: Lana Lang needed a sleek cocktail dress for an upcoming business conference with the executives from the Paris branch of Lexcorp. I decided to use the French Hussar Dolman uniform as inspiration for her princess line sheath dress.

It features the irridescent embroidered trim and buttons common to the dolman coat as well as the traditional plume in her cocktail hat. Made from pewter silk combined with a richly quilted silk brocade and maroon contrast fabric, the form fitting sheath has a coordinating hand pricked zipper up the back featured as a design detail. A maroon silk beaded baldrick accents the waist and Lana carries all a girl needs in her little matching purse. A Tahitian pearl bracelet and couture millinery finish the look.
Judge 1
3,4,4 When you think dolman uniform it can be a bit militant, However, you've made this feminine yet empowering for Lana Lang. I love the colors and your style is great! Beaded accents really take things to a new platform, this is what I'm talking about when I saw the little things make a difference
Judge 2
5,5,5 Very unique. Looks fantastic. Love the color combination and the use of decorative threads and those tiny beads which are also used in the bracelet and on the sash. Lovely all the way around. The zipper was set in very nicely. all the edges match up. The hand work on the bodice is impeccable
Judge 3
4,4,5 Definite sense of Hussar when looking at the detail on the bodice. The brocade on the skirt is taking away from that detail and would look better as all pewter. Good fit on the dress.
Judge 4
3,5,4 This style is good for this doll, but there are Dolman sleeves and it isn't a short jacket, so it doesn't really fit into this challenge. However, you did an excellent job of interpreting the picture on the website you referenced. Your embroidery and beading is exquisite. I don't really care for the obvious zipper. However, except for a little tuck at the top of the zipper and a flaw at the bottom of the zipper, it was nicely installed. The lining of your outfit shouldn't show anywhere. Otherwise, nicely done!
Total points: 51

Entry #9-Pauline
Pauline's collection:
This entry is titled "Winter Solstice". On the darkest, shortest day of the year, our fair maiden wants to slip into rich, soft velvet and cuddle up in front of a fireplace with a good book, favorite liquor and classical music! I have designed for Valia, a Hostess gown. This is an item of clothing very popular from the 1930's to 1960's for wearing at home for entertaining or just looking glamourous. (Immortalized by stars like Myrna Loy and Doris Day etc.) The bodice doesn't have a shoulder seam as the front, side and sleeve are all one piece on each side. The skirt has a long train and closes in the back. Embellishments are fur (recycled rabbit) and gold accented sleeves, gold lame belt with embossed pearl, gold lame turban head piece with faux pearl earrings and choker style necklace. Gown is fully lined with white rayon. In keeping with my color scheme of Blue, Gold and Creme, this fashion takes it cue from further in the past with a bit of midevil flair.
Judge 1
2,3,3 I always like that you use fur. It adds something to your dolls that give them glamour. I do think there was too much velvet and had to use a different textile for the bodice this would look more polished. However, the blue velvet with the fur works very nicely. I think you could have done without the sash in the back, simply making a cummerbund would have looked better,
Judge 2
4,4,4 Nice clean lines, not over stated. color is nice. Bodice looks a tiny bit big in the front. fabric looks a bit heavy, but still nice. Fabulous accessories. Fur trim is not over stated.
Judge 3
3,3,5 Warmth, comfort and glamour in this gown. Rich colors.
Judge 4
5,3,3 Though I don't see this dress as original, it is beautiful on this doll. It fits her nicely and shows the Dolman sleeves nicely. The jewelry would enhance the overall look if it were more in scale to the size of the doll. The only thing I find that really detracts from this outfit is the fact that the hat and the belt are unfinished in the back. To remedy that, you could hem all sides of the pieces, or self line them so that no raw edges show. Another remedy might be to make the belt a fitted belt rather than a tie belt. Otherwise, this is a nice velvet dress.
Total points: 42

Entry #10-Agarva
Agarva's collection: Midnight Stroll - Shadi relaxes at home in a comfortable gown. She is all ready for the family dinner in the main dining hall. Her gown consists of a straight front and small back pleated train. The modest front allows her to wear her favorite gothic cross. The gown has dolman sleeves with a twist. They are split at the top seam and done up with eyelets and ribbons. It is all lined in skin tone fabric to show through the gaps in the sleeve and is designed to peek out at the back. The back has a deep scoop to the waist and is surrounded by red seed beads. It has a zip closure. The fabric is a comfortable with a raised glitter effect, so Shadi can go midnight collecting in the forest or down to an occasion at home.
Judge 1
4,3,4 I've figured out where I think you go astray. It's the minor details that should they be tweaked your ensembles would be great. With this dress, the dolman is understated but well executed. I love the red threading on the back, too. Here's where I think it could be improved. The cross could be higher on the neckline giving her a longer look. The red choker doesn't even need to be there. You color are great for the character and I think you have SO much going for you with this collection. You are not only moving in the right direction, you're doing it without compromising your vision for this line.
Judge 2
5,5,4 The dress looks very nice. The sleeves are very original. Love the open affect you have going on down the arm. Iike the fabric choices. construction looks great.
Judge 3
3,4,5 Red and black always compliment each other. The skirt hangs very nicely in the folds as it flows into the train. A narrower ribbon on the sleeve would make the laced area look less bulky.
Judge 4
5, 4, 4 This style lends itself well to Dolman sleeves and looks good on the doll. I don't see this design as totally original, but the sleeves have a bit of originality to them. I like the ribbons going up half-way on the sleeves leaving the other part of the sleeve open. The sleeves look a little long to me, but I guess that could be the style. It's hard to see much of the execution with this black fabric, so I assume it's all wonderful. I like the red accents with the ribbons and the beads. The dress seems to fit the doll nicely. The white lining really shouldn't show in the back. I don't know if pressing more would fix this situation or not, maybe hand tacking it on the inside? Overall, this is a nice dress.
Total points: 50

Entry #11-Stacy
Stacy's collection: White knit blouse has black woven fabric trim and is accented with black buttons. It closes in the back with snaps. The skirt is made from stretch twill with black patent waist decoration and features box pleats in the front and black button trim. It also closes in the back with snaps. Black patent pumps, white bead bracelet, and black rhinestone earrings complete the outfit.
Judge 1
2,1,3 My fear for you is that your line will not be cohesive. You aren't using like fabrics or styles and I'm worried it won't look well together. That being said, this reminds of Lucille Ball. The shirt is cute and skirt is simply done.
Judge 2
5,5,5 this piece is great. I love the detail around the neckline and at the cuffs. the detail in the pleats are so perfect. It all just flows together without anyone element demanding any more attention than another part. Very balanced and very put together.
Judge 3
3,4,5 Well made with very classic lines. The pleather at the waist makes a unique accent.
Judge 4
5, 3, 5. This style is good for this doll. Excellent example of a modernized version of Dolman sleeves. I don't see a lot of originality in the skirt and blouse, but the patent leather look on the waist edge of the skirt makes a simple design very stylish. The neck treatment and cuffs are nice accents. A matching jacket with some new elements or details may have made this set "more" original. As far as I can tell, you have done a very nice job putting this outfit together. It fits the doll very well. Nicely done!
Total points: 46

Entry #12-Kevin
Kevin's collection: For this challenge "DOLMAN" brought to my mind anyway something akin to a grand 30's style of outfit worn byHollywood greats like Carol Lombard and the like. Continuing my collection with several running elements of COLOR and Faux Fur usage, You will see Shades of Purple and Faux Fur used throughout the collection with splashes of coordinating colors put into the mix! Also I am trying to incorporate elements from each challenge into each succeeding challenge so elements from #1 will be carried throughout the rest of the challenges and so on. For this design I made an ORIGINAL 1930's DOLMAN sleeved Deep purple Satin coat that has two toned faux cream colored fur on the sleeves and used for the coat collar. The Dress is a halter style again an original patternt hat is done in a golden brown silk and has brown/purple/Gold seed beads for the design on the bodice, the skirt ends in a LONG train for a all one piece superb design, The dress also has and again an ORIGINAL Corset pattern that is PLEATED and has a faux gold button closure in the front. Also adorning the outfit is a Deep purple dupioni hatthat has coordinating seed beaded design and purple tulle trim and veil.
Judge 1
5,3,5 Kevin, Kevin, Kevin....I just wanna grab ya and kiss ya! The brown gown with this jacket is just too fab for words. I'd wear this if you promised to remove the purple beading. It's pretty, it's glamorous and most importantly it's dolman. It fits everything you've done and I just flippin' like it!
Judge 2
4,5,4 Very daring. Great colors, good beadwork. Fantastic Jacket. Cummerbund thing looks a little over powering with out the jacket on. In the pictures it looked like it should have been a part of the jacket. Fur is a good touch. I do like the color combination.
Judge 3
4,4,4 The pleated look of the dolman sleeves, combined with the fur trim, makes a very interesting coat. The buttons/bead on the corset give it a military look when the coat is on, but alone it is distracting from the beadwork.
Judge 4
4,5,4 I would like to have seen a full-figure picture of this outfit from the front. You need to have a picture that emphasizes the element of the challenge. I can't see that the sleeves are exactly Dolman, but they look good. I am not sure this design is balanced. However, the exotic feel and flashy look of the design goes well on this FR doll. Be careful not to confuse "original pattern" with "original design." One can make an "original" pattern of a popular and common design. However, I see the originality of this piece in the overall look with the exaggerated treatment at the hemline and the poofiness of the sleeves. The hat is a great "finishing touch." Nice beadwork on the dress. I love all your colors. They all seem to complement each other. Your pictures really flatter your design, but next time, take a full frontal shot and a full shot of the back.
Total points: 51

Entry # 13-Sharon
Sharon's collection: Ell is wearing a pieced jacket with Dolman sleeves, knee pants and a felted hat.
Judge 1
3,4,5 Normally when so many fabrics are mixed it can look sloppy, however you've done it very well consistently. The jacket is stunning and the buttons are so perfectly lined up, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you attention to this detail. Your clam diggers are super cute, but I would have liked the matching button from the jacket on them! Good Job!
Judge 2
4,4,4 this piece looks nice. the color combinations work well. The piecing of fabrics in this scale is daring, but it works pretty well. Looks like everything matched up pretty well. Love those pants with the little bow accent.
Judge 3
3,4,4 The simple print of the capris allows the patchwork jacket design to stand out. Well made.
Judge 4
5,4,4 I love your color combinations. Even though they are very
contrasting, they work together nicely for a gorgeous overall look. I
is unique to use the different fabrics you used to piece together a very
different blouse and still keep the Dolman Sleeve. The Capris aren't
original, but the blouse makes the outfit your own. The felted hat is
the perfect "topper" to this wonderful creation! Your top stitching is
nice and even. The buttons should line up more evenly. I don't know if
you did it on purpose or not, but the slight rise in the center back
makes an interesting effect. The collar needs to line up evenly with
the edges of the blouse band. It's just a little off. The little split
at the hem of the Capri needs to be tidied up a bit, and pressed as flat
as you can get it. The bow is great! This outfit fits your doll
Total points: 48

Entry #14-Dawn
Dawn's collection: The sweater in this suit is a re-interpretation of the jacket in my first look made from a fulled lambswool sweater. The sweater is cut in one piece. I picked up stitches, and knit the black trim. The color is a beautiful, rich plum that perfectly matches the plum in the blouse and not the burgundy that you see in the photos. The stockings match the suit in color. The suit is just a tad bit redder shade of plum than the tights in look number two. Both the sweater and the blouse have dolman sleeves. The trim on the purse is the same trim as was used in the belt in look number two.
Judge 1
4,4,4 This looks very professional and well done. Your colors are always perfect and it makes everything stand out that much more. I have to critique's quite cute.
Judge 2
4,4,4 The blouse is very nice. Love the colors. they work really well together. The blouse could have looked a bit more pressed in the cuff area. Nice stockings. If you knitted this, I am impressed as I can not knit any where near that fast. If this is a knit fabric, you still did a good job. However, between the Jacket and the skirt the combo looks a bit heavy on your model.
Judge 3
4,3,4 The blouse colors are just right when peeking out from under the jacket, but they overwhelm the outfit when the jacket is off. The color of the skirt and jacket is soft and warm.
Judge 4
5,4,5 This style is very nice with the Dolman sleeves on both the top and the jacket. I also like that both pieces flare out at the hemlines. Though this style
(3-piece suit) is not original nor unique, the flare of the pieces and the trim on the sweater make it your own. You have picked up your stitches to add your trim so well that I can't see where you did. Everything looks good in the pictures I see.
Total points:49

Entry #15-Sylvia
Sylvia's collection: Dolman immediately made me think of the dresses and evening gowns of the 40s. I decided to do a blouse influenced by that. the blouse introduces a new fabric, gold silk charmeuse, that will be used in again in future challenges. I paired the blouse with a slightly belled, knee length silk jaquard skirt and a wide belt. Of course, Ell had to have a hat because she loves them and so do I. The floral embellishments incorporate the fabric from the skirt in the last challenge and another new fabric which will also be seen in future challenges.
Judge 1
5,5,5 The pop of teal in all of your work amazes me. It's the perfect detail that emphasizes everything little bit of your collection. With this challenge you didn't go overboard and kept to your vision. It's glorious! The belt and Hat are pristine. Your clothing reminds me of fashion magazines. It's the clothing everyone wants to wear, but no one can pull's art!
Judge 2
4,5,5 I love the flower embelishments on the hat and the belt. The color combination really works well. The hat might have loooked better IMO without the bottom row of aqua. the top row may have been just enough. The two rows of aqua looks great on the belt though. Workmanship looks fantastic.
Judge 3
4,4,4 Colors coordinate well, and the blue accents are just the right touch. The outfit would not work as well without the hat.
Judge 4
5, 4, 5. This style is perfect for this challenge and perfect for Ellowyne. I REALLY like this outfit. Even though the elements you've used are not unique, the way you put them together adds an original quality to the design. Great use of your colors and your fabric throughout the entire design. Even the shoes are great. Your fabric flowers and piping are fabulous! This design is extremely well executed and balanced. Nice job!
Total points: 55

Entry #16-Jason
Jason's collection: This design is a 3 piece outfit. I made a pair of boot-cut pants out of the same fabric as the underskirt from the pleats challenge. Second, I have a corseted halter top also reminiscent of the pleats challenge, with accent beading similar to that of the first challenge. The "dolman" element is the rust colored silk charmeuse dolman sleeved shrug and matching sash. I continued the same color scheme from the fist two challenges and also introduced a new color to the mix. This rust color will show up in the collection down the road.
Judge 1
4,5,5 Jason, this is like superhero/matador glam everything. I stared at this for a few minutes before composing my deduction...and after those minutes I realized I love this. If that sash hit the floor it would catapult this outfit to couture heaven! I hate red and teal together, but this's like she's running down the streets of Spain with the bulls while shooting a commercial! LOVE IT!
Judge 2
4,4,4 I like the color combination. Love the pants and the bolero and the blouse. I think you have too many layers going on at the waist between the blouse, and the two layers of belts. I think I would have used white thread to top stitch the fly area too, but that is just my opinion and did not take that into consideration in the points.
Judge 3
3,4,3 The colors and fabrics of your pieces from your collection carried over to this outfit well. The stark color of the bolero and sash are distracting; the pants could be better pressed.
Judge 4
4, 4, 4 The style basically works, but something is a little off in the shrug. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it just needs to fit closer around the wrists. The halter top treatment works well with this design. Even though halter tops and shrugs are not original, you have personalized this design by the way you used the blue and white for the top and the way you ruffled the top of the halter top. (The ruffles could be sewn a little more evenly for more even finish.) The back neck closing needs to be a little cleaner with the edges even. Over all, this is a nice design!
Total points: 48

Entry #17-Jannie
Jannie's collection: In the 1970’s I was influenced by the art from China and India. I used this influence in my designs in the early 70’s. Many designers followed later. I was drawn to the ornate robes and coats and found the freedom of the dolman sleeve to be extremely comfortable in both cold and hot weather. As I was going through my ‘oldies’ stash of fabrics, I found this old piece of fabric and it inspired me it create an ornate fabric for a coat. Then I knew I would need an under-dress…. Well for this ornate coat that I had in my mind, the under-dress needed to be a sort of updated version of a 70’s mini-dress. And I really cannot tell you why I thought of checkers except my Grandpa loved playing checkers and going anywhere with Grandpa was like going on a treasure hunt – you never knew what you would find or dig up! But there was always a cola and a 5 cent candy bar at the end of the day. The outfit consists of the following:
PantyhoseTurtleneck zipped mini dressArtist-decorated fabric ornate dolman coatDecorated straw hat Earrings and necklaceShoes especially designed by Sherrie Jo of Beary Tiny TreasuresThe panty hose are made of a natural four way stretchable mesh. They are held up by elastic at the hips.The turtleneck zipped mini-dress is made using ribbed cotton and lycra dance fabrics for their ability to stretch and return to original shape as Pru’s hands are much larger than her arms. I also chose to use a zipper for the closure for easy of getting Pru in and out of the dress and it also would leave no gaps or pulls like snaps would. The dress is a basic turtleneck dress which has been quartered into two colours; off- white and a rusty orange. The dress has been carefully pieced together so that all ‘cuts’ meet. The dress also comes with removal shoulder pads. The closure in the back is by zipper. The artist-decorated fabric ornate dolman coat is truly a ‘One Of A Kind’. The hint should have come from the word ‘artist-decorated’. The base of the fabric is a black nylon with stripes running vertical with a polyester crepe like knit lightly bonded to it. This was not an easy medium to work with as I later found out. The process of painting, adding studs, fabric piecing, and trimming took over a week and many frustrating journeys to shops to try to find the right article only to find that I had to start over because I would not be able to get what I needed or I could do what I wanted because it would not arrive in time. This was my great canvas upon which all my sketches relied upon. Once the materials started coming together, the work was tedious; but not without reward. I had a fabric that fit for one of those ladies in the art books but “my” way. Let s go on to the design of the coat. The design of the coat is in that of a princess A-lined coat with functional pockets located in both side seams. The coat is fully lined with silk in ‘natural’ colour. A specially crafted braid of coins (however wrong period coins), shells, coral, beads, and, braid is added to the coat after the construction as one continuous piece. These gives the coat the gentle tinkle and jangle that I imagined it should have. A black satin braid is used to highlight the princess lines of the coat and the dolman sleeves. The dolman sleeves of the coat by definition are fuller at the top which allows for more movement and permits the wearing of fuller clothing underneath the coat making this coat a popular style in colder areas of the country besides being an elegant style. The cuff has a special ‘V’ closure which may be use to secure against the cold (button – snap). The coat also comes with removal shoulder pads. Two external buttons are located at the top with rust cording. This is to provide fake closure. The real closure is provided by a hook and eye.Decorated straw hat is made from purchased straw hat from Hobby Lobby for $0.97. I turned up one side of the hat and sewed it into place. Then I took some of the specially crafted braid that I had made and glued around inside brim of the hat, setting each piece in place so that they would not move. A large rust and natural bead flower along with feather yarn is used to provide interest on the turned up side of the hat. Earrings and necklace are made of real mother of pearl in an unusual colour of gold and 14Kt gold. The necklace uses a barrel clasp.Shoes !!! I needed a casual yet elegant shoe for walking in the markets. SO I called in the expert shoe designer and maker in the world. And look at these!!! They are perfect!!! The platform with the exotic!!! WOW!!! Sherrie Jo of Beary Tiny Treasures has outdone herself again! Don’t you think she does beautiful work? BearyTinyTreasures on web BearyTinyTreasures on ebay
Judge 1
2,5,2 Cute CAT! Let me start by saying that the originality is certainly there with this outfit! It just doesn't flow with your previous work. While the colors are good here, they don't go. You did a good job and it shows in your work.
Judge 2
5,5,5 Another Wow for this challenge. There is so much going on but it all balances. The coat is phenomenal and I love the color block going on with the dress. The hat works as do the shoes and the accessories.
Judge 3
4,5,5 Much originality in this ensemble, especially in the coat. Dress color squares match up well. Judge 4
3, 4, 4 The style of the dress is nice as is the style of the coat.
However, they don't go together. They are two different styles and two
different influences. The hat goes with the coat but not with the
dress. I have to give you cudos on the jacket. The print is great and
the fabric flowers strategically placed on the print are wonderful.
Even though your coin trim is a little out of scale, it goes well with
the print. Excluding the dress, the ornate designs of the hat and coat
have been executed exquisitely. The necklace is a nice touch. Earrings
to match the necklace would be better than the loops you used. I see
the Dolman sleeves on the dress, but would have liked the dress to have
a style to complement the jacket rather than the 60's-70's style that's
been done before. Nice job on the hat and jacket!
Total points: 49

Entry # 18-Sande
Sande's collection: for the dolman challenge, blythe wanted a soft, warm winter dress, that would be a bit more conservative and mature, but still with a 60's-70's touch, and still a fuller sleeve than a straight one. she chose a soft grey jersey for the fabric. so we designed an A-line dress, with a mock leg-of-mutton sleeve, some soft pleats in the front shoulders, and a softly cowled collar in the front. even though the dress was to be less flashy than her other outfits, we couldn't resist a bit of interest in the back; i opted for a v-back neckline, and a long bow. we finished the dress with a hand-rolled hem and she loves it!
Judge 1
3,3,3 What I like about this is the back. It's very unique and fits your line. If you pleated the front of the dress it would finish this up a bit and take away some of the bulkiness that's bothering me for this one. Your red shoes go well and overall this is a success for you.
Judge 2
4,5,5 Great color, fantastic jewelry, love the back treatment. With the neckline, sleeves and back element, I would have loved to have seen this knee length and more fitted through the body. Workmanship is great.
Judge 3
3,4,4 The dress has a soft, warm appeal. The bow adds interest to the back. The cowl collar doesn't drape well, but it would be hard to make it fuller with the v-neckline of the back
Judge 4
5, 4, 4 I like the leg-o-mutton influence combined with the Dolman style combined for the sleeve. This dress is simple, but stylish for a comfortable winter dress as you stated in your description. I am not sure how original this is, but I like it. I think the way you did the sleeves add a bit of originality to the overall design. The low back and the bows are nice accents. The stitching could be a little cleaner in the back. You should have used a thread that more closely matches the color of your fabric for all your top-stitching. Though I like the style, this dress looks a little big on the doll. Otherwise, nicely done
Total points: 47

Entry #19-Michaela
Michaela's collection: Keeping with my red/black dupion silk. I have created an edgy evening dress with mesh bodice with dolman sleeves with open sleeves with ring detailing and super low sexy open back. The skirt is again in red/black dupion silk with repeated ring detailing on a daringly thigh high split.
Judge 1
3,2,2 your style is singular to none. You have your own look and it's gelling throughout your line. I like your Grecian sleeves and skirt slit. Just a bit off for me. Perhaps if the rings went all the way down the middle of the leg it would make this more showy.
Judge 2
5,5,5 Love this piece, especially the sleeves and the drapability of the fabric in the bodice and sleeves. Colors work great. You have managed to balance the sheer and the heaviness of dupioni very well. Love the minor detail at the side of the skirt.
Judge 3
3,3,5 The black in the skirt brings in the black of the top nicely without either piece overwhelming. The open sides/sleeves add to the otherwise classic design.
Judge 4
3,5,4 Yes, this is an "edgy" evening dress, but quite impractical with such a low back. I don't see any way to keep the dress from falling off. You do, however, get an A for your wonderful Dolman sleeves. The top is a little too think and "see through" for my taste. Even though I don't think it "works," I guess the dress is pretty original. Usually dupioni presses easier than what the back seam of your dress shows. I should lie flatter and be less obvious. I like how you held the openings on the sides of the skirt and the sleeves to a set distance with the rings. Overall, nice execution. I look forward to seeing what you do with the next challenge
Total points: 45

Entry #20-Peggy
Peggy's collection: The pants are made of gold tissue lame`. The dolman sleeved blouse and overskirt are made of chartreuse silk chiffon shot with gold and silver threads. The overskirt has a waistband of the gold lame` and a jeweled clasp. All pieces are fully lined.
Judge 1
3,3,4 Peggy, this is a difficult fabric to work with. You paid close attention to that and really tried to polish it up! I adore how everything flows with you and you keep everything symbiotic. I do wish the pants were more tapered, but I think what you're doing is great! The vintage flare to everything really creates a good style for you!
Judge 2
4,4,4 great necklace, it's the first thing I noticed. Blouse is very cute and the pants are a good fit. You could have stopped there. It didn't really need the skirt, but the addition of the skirt is nice.
Judge 3
4,4,5 Fabric choices worked very well with this outfit. The buckle centers the attention rather than pulling it.
Judge 4
4,3,3 This style is very appropriate for this size doll. The sleeves should fit around the dolls wrists a little closer to keep in the spirit of the Dolman Sleeves. Even though I don't think this design is very original the sleeves add a little extra personality to it. If you make this design again, I suggest you find a fabric that flows and drapes better than this did for you. The outfit looks fine from the front, but from the back, the top looks too big for the doll. If the adornment in the front on the belt is a buckle, it should be set so that it is centered over the belt. This size doll is hard to fit nicely, but I think you made a very good effort.
Total points: 45

"Fashion condemns us to many follies; the greatest is to make ourselves its slave."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

This has been an interesting week for Project Dollway at Home. As we go into the judging for our third challenge, we are welcoming a new judge - Sherlyn Lovell. We are also expecting more analytical reviews regarding our entries, because now our judges will be required to tell us why they don't like something we have incorporated into our design or how we have executed it. We've also had a change in the way our collages are presented, and have had a mini-lesson on our group on how to add friends and pictures to our own Myspace page. All of this is being done in an effort to help us - by both participating easier and designing better.


Let me make the introduction of Sherlyn. Sherlyn had wanted to participate as an entrant in this contest, but didn't hear about it beginning again this year in time to do so. So, fortunately she has agreed to join the judging team. She has been sewing for about 40 years, and her credits include designing several patterns for Perfect Patterns, sewing items for Kurt Van Buskirk, selling outfits and one of a kinds at conventions and locally, making some prototypes for Gary Fletcher as a guest designer, and making many outfits for centerpiece dolls for Gene conventions of the past.

On a personal note, Sherlyn was the oldest of three children, and grew up on a small ranch outside of Mertzon, Texas. She graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas many years ago, and taught high school for a short time. She is now retired from AT&T where she was a Product Manager. Today she and her husband of 40 years live in Duncanville, Texas, right outside of Dallas. They have three grown children and two wonderful grandchildren. Also prominent in their family is a beagle/German Shepherd mix dog, Shelby, who is her trained protection dog; a Schnauzer, Princess, who was a foster dog and now belongs to them; and her baby - a male Schnauzer, Samwise (Sam for short) that they bought when he was only a four pound puppy. One cat named Kitty, who is about 20 years old now, co-exists with everyone.

She may be a doll addict; as she confesses she "lives for sewing and anything that has to do with fashions design for fashion dolls." Spending an average of about six to eight hours a day sewing for dolls; either on her machine or by hand, is her norm. She will sew for just about any doll, but prefers the fashion dolls all the way from Barbie, Silkstone, Gene, Tyler dolls, Ellowyne, American Model, CED, and many, many others. Recently she finished two big projects; one for Kurt Van Buskirk, and one for a client in her local exercise class who was positively delighted with the results. She also has local customers who she likes to keep happy by offering new fashions for their fashion dolls on a regular basiss, and generally sells everything she makes.

But she also want to work in some time to do some sewing for her own dolls. However, besides judging this competition, she is also currently working on a project that has yet to be announced, and is also working on designs and patterns to publish for Ellowyne. Compound that with her selling on eBay occasionally, and just selling a couple of prototype suits for the CED dolls, you will find hew own dolls may have to wait awhile. Unfortunately she does not have a website, but she does have a My space page where she will be posting soon:

Okay, that's our news for the week - and I'll be back soon with more interviews, but for now I'd like to leave you this LITTLE (and I do mean little) video that should be encouraging to all that watch it!