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Peggy Burney lives in the small Tenessee town of Selmer, made famous by the Mary Winkler Murder Trial and the Walking Tall movies. She's been married over 40 years, has three children, and one grandson who she loves to watch play Little League baseball. This courageous lady has shouldered the burden not only raising a daughter with cerebral palsy, but also is the caretaker for her 87 year old parents, and her aunt who is 81. Is it any wonder she doesn't have as much time to play as she'd like?

Her career has included being a dressmaker for about 12 years, a store manager, a legal secretary for 20 years; for the last five years she's taught Special Education. On the side she manages to own a catering and cake decorating business, and says she does a cake almost every day before going to school, and most of her weekends are tied up with weddings and anniversaries.

She learned to sew when she was a child. Her mother always sewed and taught her some; but mostly she saw something she wanted to sew, and just figured out how to do it. Working as a dressmaker out of my home was necessary while her children were small so she could stay home with them.

Recently she hasn't done much with the dolls because real life just seems to always get in the way, but she does hope to be able to finish each of the challenges ..."because it is an outlet for me to relax and get involved in something I enjoy instead of something that must be done.

"She also says she wouldn't begin to guess as to how she would do in this competitions. "Of course, like everyone else, I would love to win, but I try to be realistic and I don't think that will happen. I will be happy if I can just produce a piece for each competition and have them come together as a collection. I may have trouble making it "cohesive" as required. There are so many great designers in this competition that I am honored to be considered one of them."

Today she deals mainly with making brides, and replicas of the brides actual dress, veil, hair,and bouquet - the total doll. But she is definitely open to making other things on all size dolls from Barbie to Cissy, and does do commissions. In the past she has placed 3rd in the now defunct BBMA, 2nd 3times in IFDC online competitions, 1st several times at the convention competitions as well as several 2nds and 3rds. She has won other awards in several different online competitions. Her website, she confesses, is a little outdated but she is in the process of making a new one - meanwhile check out her work here:


Stacy Shreve, her mother, and overweight German Shepherd named Shonie, share a home in Jackson, Michigan. Although Stacy has no children, she does have five nephews and a grandneice she loves to play with!

My mother has always worked with dolls and made and taught porcelain doll making. She also made the dolls accurate clothing, and even developed a line of hats made in the traditional way. She has been a great infuence on Stacy's sewing and doll creations.

Fashion was on her mind when she attended trade school for Commercial Art, and Stacy definitely feels her Computer Assisted Drafting helps her with pattern drafting and also her small business of making shoes, clothes, and other items for a number of dolls. She has also thought of producing a line of patterns, but hasn't found the time yet.

"I have always dreamed of competing in Project Runway," says Stacy, "but can't seem to make clothes for humans because my time is consumed with dolls!"

However, when she found the Project Dollway group, it seemed to be just what suited her. In fact, she would love to knock everyone's socks off in the current competition, but realizes that there are other people who love creating for dolls just as much as she does!

This self-confessed fabric and pattern hoarder continues to make outfits for Franklin Mint's Princess Diana today, but also has some sidelines in CED dolls, Tonner's American Model and Barbie. You can find her salesroom here:


Although Sande wasn't born in Texas, she loves San Antonio, and is as Texan as can be!! She has been married to her hubby since 1970 and has a grown daughter and son. Her daughter has given her three wonderful grandchildren, and her son is her best friend - although he thinks she is crazy when it comes to dolls - and he isn't wrong!

Sande has never had any formal training in sewing or fashion, but is a fast learner,and taught sewing and machine embroidery classes at her local Pfaff dealer's store for several years.

She wanted to participate in this competition just for the fun of sewing with other doll people, as she feels there are great designers and well known people here.

"It's not about winning, it's about enjoying our dolls...every one of us has different reasons for enjoying our dolls, and different dolls we enjoy, and they fulfill different needs for us all. That is as it should be!"

"What we can accomplish is passing this love of dolls on to future generations and also to perpetuate a love of sewing," Sande believes.

She is currently working on ways to incorporate doll clothes with machine embroidery. She decided to make and sell doll clothing patterns when she got her Marley Wentworth doll. At that time, there were no patterns for her, so she developed some. Initially they were a little rough in presentation, but became wonderful patterns that fit the doll and were versatile, and easy to sew.

Now that Rufus has came along to court Ellowyne, he has become her focus because, again, he came with no patterns! Also, Lara Croft's "curvy" figure caught her attention, so she had to make a pattern for her. She says her patterns are very reasonably priced, and have a lot more garments for the money..."because they are not about money; they are a labor of love." Her patterns can be seen at:

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