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Durelle Brown's Chic Indulgence

Durelle Brown is a single mother of three grown sons and a new grandmother, who lives in Houston, Texas. She loves spending time with her family, friends and her little dog Smidgin, and designing and playing with her dolls - usually in that order - but watch out when it's convention time! She is a multi-talented, OOAK artist who has just launched her new doll clothing line called Chic Indulgence.

She always dreamed of being a costume designer, but settled on a more practical career when she decided to go for her BA in Art and Interior design. Today she works for one of the most prestigious home furnishing companies in America practicing her specialty of window design. And, a lot of her spare time is dedicated to her work as an OOAK doll artist.

In between the last Project Dollway, she's continued to be busy. One of her outfits from the first Project Dollway competition was featured in Doll Reader Magazine. She's taught workshops, won some impressive ribbons, and even managed to do some charity dolls for the International
Fashion Doll Convention.

Then, after braving Hurricane Ike, she managed to donate an outfit for the Dolly Hearts of the USA auctions for charity. These charities are being run to help U.S.. victims of tragedies like fires, floods, and hurricanes.

Her desire to compete in this next phase of Project Dollway is driven by her love of competing in doll events. But her main expectations for this competition definitely involves fun.

She expects this to be "the kind of fun that friendly competition cultivates!" She's optimistic with even more of the doll designing community participating in PDollway2, "that it will be a truly great competition." Having won more of the home challenges than any other designer in the original Project Dollway, being a five time first place winner in Jim Faraone's Fashion Doll Makeover contest, and a four time winner in the now-defunct Barbie Bazaar competition, she's definitely one to watch!!!

You can read all about what she's been up to on one of these two locations:



Pauline Lyngard - B/W Designs

The designer behind B/W Designs is Pauline Lyngard. She is a forty-something married lady with no children who loves to spoil her three Italian Greyhounds and one diva of a Lilac Point Siamese cat.

Today her main job is working as a payroll technician, but she has worn many "hats" over the years. In fact, she was a licensed Esthetician years ago, and has even worked in the fashion/modeling industry.

Her doll "job" is as a fabric artist that uses dolls as her "canvas." In her opinion, "Texture is more important than color, and my work focuses on that concept."

Unfortuantely, there is no website for B/W Designs...yet. Besides B/W Designs, Pauline has her hands full designing and working as the chairperson for her doll club’s mini-conference to be held March of 2009. She is designing and making 40 Edwardian dressed dolls - what an endeavor!

Pauline's desire to participate in this online competition was motivated by her desire to stretch her designing skills in a public forum. In fact, whoever wins or loses is not a great concern to her. Rather, she feels "just getting feedback on her work will be reward enough."

Jason Kramer

Jason Kramer was born and raised in Southern California, and currently lives in Long Beach with his partner of six years, James. They have a cat named Joshua, who just tolerates Jason. Wonder if he knows Jason is really a dog person?

Jason has been a follower of fashion since he was young. When it came time to go to University he chose Theatre Arts as his major, with an emphasis in Costume Design. It was that time in his life that he was introduced to Fashion Dolls for adults, and the rest is history!

He has been re-rooting and enhancing his Tonner dolls for a couple years, and has sold some to fellow collectors. Unfortunately Jason doesn't have a website, so for now we''ll have to be content in seeing his offerings in the Home Challenges.

Being a big fan of Project Runway, Jason was always wanting to compete. Therefore, it's understandable that when he heard about Project Dollway, he got very excited and began competing in the At Home challenges.

During those challenges, he says he "learned so much and had such a blast--not only competing--but (I) also loved seeing what other doll collectors showed." Naturally after Project Dollway, he eagerly awaited the second season, and now we have Project Dollway at Home! He says, "I just love Fashion and Dolls, and can't wait to get started!"

When asked his predictions/aspirations about how he might do in this competiton, he said, "Of course, I want to win--is that bad?? lol... but seriously, knowing it is all in fun, I am really eager to push myself and see how far I can go as the competition progresses. The thing about competitions is that Design is such a subjective medium, and it is very difficult to judge since everyone has their own unique taste and point of view. First and foremost, I want to become a better designer and craftsman."

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