Monday, October 27, 2008


"Designers have to play many parts – artist, scientist, psychologist, politician, mathematician, and economist, salesman, combined with the stamina of the long-distance runner. - Designer Helen Storey
(British Designer of the Year 1990 & 1991, with celebrity clients including Cher, Madonna and Liz Hurley.)

Certainly daunting; right? But wouldn't it be easier if one was designing fashions for dolls? Not necessarily!

Some Project Dollway Home Challenge entries: Susie Challenge -- left to right: Agarva Moeller, Christopher Warren, Dal Lowenbein, Dot Festeu, Durelle Brown

Just because the little divas these folks design for don't talk back and are geared for play, it doesn't follow that designing for them is all fun and games. Those who succeed not only have to create their designs using the same standards maintained for living dolls, but then they have to execute each one in miniature! Keeping everything to scale is paramount in good fashion doll design!

The new breed of fashion doll designers are setting a high standard, one very different from those of the many home sewers of yesterday who only aspired to make a wardrobe for their child's doll. Today fashion doll collecting has expanded to the adult market. And this expansion has not only brought a bigger budget for purchasing doll designs, but has also brought a more critical eye to scrutinize what is available on the market. Such scrutiny makes it necessary for fashion doll designers to produce their very best mini-couture if they want to be popular.

The upgraded artistry of the new fashion doll designers of today was clearly demonstrated by all the participants of the online fashion competition know as Project Dollway. But not only did Project Dollway manage to showcase those chosen to compete, it also encouraged home viewers to participate. And participate they did!

From amateur to veteran, these Home Challengers pushed their performance levels as far as they could, and managed to put on a good show with each challenge. They even managed to pull off a collective collection that they were proud to be a part of at the end!! I felt privileged to be a part of this group – novice but trying – I saw each new challenge as an excuse to make myself learn more about sewing.

So, even though the "bigger" competition will not be returning with Project Dollway at Home – I look forward to the version that WILL return soon. Come and join me on this fun adventure - oh, and bring along alllllll your creativity, personality, intellect, technicality, and physicality – it takes all of these things to win these challenges! But don't forget to have some fun!!
I hope to post more information, pictures, and maybe even some interviews with the participants as this competition progresses – watch for my announcements!

(Originally posted to MySpace 10/10/08)

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