Monday, October 27, 2008


"I don't want anyone to be intimidated... Just challenged... excited and full of amazing creativity... I would love to see all of you excited by your own work... to feel the pride of your talent... and most of all sheer wonderment." - Gabby, our fearless leader.

Week 1 - Date First Challenge given October 19 Due: November 2, 2008.

And so we begin! But in the final week leading up to our first challenge we all had some trepidation about what we were to do, how we'd handle the challenges, and exactly what would be expected of us. Luckily, we had Gabby to remind us why we are doing this - we are doing this to push our creativity in a fun, challenging way. Remember, each of us really do posess creativity, but it's only when it's tested that the best of it comes out.

Hopefully during this week leading up to the first challenge we have used our time wisely. This was a time to select our doll, draw, scrutinize our fabric, and to generally pull together our thoughts. Some time could also be spent on a research. Let me share what some of mine revealed.

One of the most informative websites I found listed the following trends - White is the new black. Look to see jumpsuits; crazy, colorful heels; ruffles; and florals on the runway this year.

Great news, I decided, because I feared our fashion trends would be more gloomy due to current economic news. However, further research proved me wrong. Did you realize that even during the Great Depression, fashion designers developed many of the vintage designs that are coveted today?

This week our one word challenge is VINTAGE. Did any of our research/planning help us? Remember that we are looking to not only satisfy our one word challenge with a fashion, but this fashion must also tie in with all of the fashions we do in every challenge to form a collection! Also, we are only allowed to use one doll throughout the competition - so hopefully we chose. wisely. Oh, did we schedule our time well to meet the deadline! Whew....just a few rules...but much to think about!

Now that we have all that straight, let's look at those who are up for these challenges. Each week I hope to introduce some of the competitors - from the tried and true artisans who have already honed their techniques to the novic hoping to improve their sewing skills - each one will provide us with interesting and beautiful eye candy. Also, be sure to read all the blogs and investigate links these designers make available. They have been known to share techniques, fabric links, and even answer questions - so don't be shy about asking. I have found that most fashion doll designers are secure enough in their own talent to not only brave the fiercest competitors, but to also help the novice whenever possible. Hold on to your hats - you are in for a great adventure!!

Our featured doll fashion designers this blog are: Durelle Brown, Pauline Lyngard, and Jason Kramer.

(Please note: If you would like to be featured, be sure you either post to the group or send me a private email so that I have your email to communicate with you. Designers are picked by random draw. Also, if you have a burning question for the designer interviews, send it in and it might be used.)

(Originally posted to MySpace 10/19/08)

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